Thursday, February 12, 2009

Host a Portrait Party now and receive $50.00 in prints **FREE!!!

What's a Portrait Party?

Portrait Parties are an exciting opportunity for you and your friends to have professional portraits made in a fun and affordable way. Portrait Parties take place in your home (if you are the host) or any other suitable location. The host invites between 5 and 10 families to the party and sessions last 20-30 minutes, and for the hosts hard work, receives credits and discounts toward the purchase of portraits. It is a low stress fun opportunity to have beautiful portraits made of yourself or your children in a low pressure, relaxed atmosphere. There are no limitations as to who can be photographed—kid’s together/individually, mom with kids, kids with pet, or the whole family! Time is the only limit.

No sales presentation! No obligation to purchase anything!

No sales are made at the party. All images are posted online for guests, friends and family to view at their leisure. However, any orders must be placed with the party hostess within 7 days of being posted to receive the best pricing possible. All orders are delivered by the party hostess approximately 3 weeks after being placed.

Benefits of being a Hostess

Pictures of the hostess’ children/family are taken ALL DAY! When ever there is a break and you want to take more portraits, you can. You may change outfits on your children as many times as you like. You should also set aside the first 15 minute appointment for yourself. You’ll receive 15% off all the portraits you order of your children/family. This credit may not be used for previous portraits nor future portraits.

If I host a Portrait Party what are my responsibilities?

The Portrait Party is organized by the party Host. The Party Host is the key ingredient to a successful party. Hosts invite guests, provide snacks and drinks (optional) and the scheduling of sessions (this is very easy, I will provide you with a schedule). Successful hosts follow up with their guests with reminders of their appointments. After the party, the guests will visit an on-line gallery to view their portraits. Hosts collect orders from their guests and 3-4 weeks later deliver the final products to their guests delight.




**$50.00 free prints only if you have 5 or more people attend your party.
***Offer expires April 1st and only applies to parties booked by this date.

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